Mariola M. Pierz




Peace and Comfort
Rare commodities
but Not appreciated
by majority



appeared ... disappeared

eyewitness for an instant
passing observer
fleeting companion
unstable friend...

Never the same
Always changing

Gone, is the spectator.
Not wanting to stay, participate, bare witness
to our same ... not same



We live in abundance
It's all around us...well seen
whether it's the material things
or...our Freedom

We live in abundance
Ignorant and ...naive
we take things for granted
and ...taking, taking, taking

We live in abundance
Forgetting ...the past
we expect the same tomorrow
as today...and believe it's a must

Let's study some history
and enlighten our thinking
we need to be aware
The Future
...may not be there


Free will and hate...?
When we want to be loved
but hate the others
...and still believe it's okay

...honesty and deception...?
When we cheat
but pretend to be honest
...and still believe it's okay and betrayal...?
When we lie and deceive
but demand the truth
...and still believe it's okay

What is ...Being Human?
Having a Free will
... to Choose



I lie on down pillows
in my warm, cozy bed
I can't fall asleep...

What about those
on hard, dirt floors?

I sit at a table
with plates full of treats
I don't want to eat...

What about those
malnourished in famine?

Good life I enjoy

I am blessed to live



The "majority rules" no more the truth here
being replaced by this illogical fear
'not to offend anyone at any time'
not respecting the feelings of the other ...95 percent!

We are like 'cattle in the field'
chewing blindly what's being to us given
and mindlessly following
...someone else's thinking

It's all provided to us
to keep us content and silent
until one day we'll find ourselves trapped in that corner
...too late to turn around



Got a raw deal
his existence depends on light...
forever trapped
restricted in his movement
perpetually tied to his master
owned and enslaved
could never exist alone
always following, stalking his owner
eternally Dark


Want or need

What we want is what we need
What we need is what we want
Love is what we want
Love is what we need
What we need is truth
Truth is what we want
Truth is what we love
What we love is peace
Peace is what we need
Peace is what we want
Peace is truth
Truth is peace


Miss you

I miss you when you are away...
I count each passing day
I wait...and wait...and wonder...
Where you are, what you're doing there

I think of you when you're away...
I try to go by my day
I read ...and write...and just am...
Every day when you are away

Come back and see me soon
take me out of this daily gloom
And stay with me here...
Just the way it used to be...Dear



Oh! Baby, baby
Peacefully asleep
I loved to touch you, hold you
Kiss your tiny little head...

Oh! Baby, baby
Peacefully asleep
I miss your tender and soft skin
Your sweet baby breath...

Oh! Baby, baby
Peacefully asleep
I still remember your little face, mature and ...A Man



With each breath I take
I live life fully
With each breath I take
Time passes for me...

Full of memories
I count my blessings
Full of memories
I crave my peace...

I relax in my knowledge
I did my best


built on ...sand

I live in comfort
every single day
have beautiful home and family
we all live in health

Best friends and neighbors
anyone could wish for
visits, calls, support
dinner parties with them all

Heat in the winter
Christmas lights and gifts
supermarkets full of food
clean city streets

We all have cars to move with ease
attend schools, go to work
plan for tomorrow to see a game
or go to the movies

I try Not to think
anything could go wrong
and disrupt this comfort
I'm accustomed to enjoy

It's rather hard
for me to imagine
empty supermarkets...?
this would mean ...famine

or closed gas stations...?
would I walk?
but where?
and how would I make it through the next day...?

We built on sand
Are we really free?
being so dependent on others
to give us what we need...





This is a sample of my poetry.
Copyright © Mariola Pierz 2004